A vivid bloom of pastels…  Endless festivals of brilliant colors…  A rich celebration of 80s style…

These and many more have been the hottest trends seen in the 2018 fashion archives. We’re literally smacking in the middle of fashion heaven this year, and no one should have the tiniest bit of excuse to look drab or dated. There are just so many fab trends to jump on; not forgetting the casual, distressed pastels Kanye blessed us with along the way.

Yet you must know that fashion is not just about crazy cool trends and extra-valued designers. It’s also about finding what works for your body while still achieving that perfectly chic look on whatever occasion at all. Finding your own fab is about mastering your form and listening to your curves, no matter how steep. Listening to your curves may also mean shutting out the bellowing, often arrogant voice of what’s in.

Whether you’re picking a pair of shorts off a rack or a runway, you have to know that it will do your body and your style justice! From Diane Von Furstenberg, through Victoria Beckham, all the way to Kanye West, the most adored designers have only become so revered because of just one thing… authenticity. They took their individual styles and made something legendary and true to themselves out of it, while the world drooled in wonder. You may not have any extravagant dream to one day shut down the runway at the New York fashion week, but you can dazzle and awe in your personal style every single day.

Just in case you’re still wondering how to take all that sheer, wool and crepe in your closet and turn them into style staples, we’ll be right here to guide and cheer you on. We’ll help you find what makes you tick as we take you through the prevailing styles of each new season and each fresh collection. And if you already know what works for you, we’ll drive you to the edge of your comfort zone and settle you into exhilarating fashion highs.

Fashion is really what you make of it. Let out your creativity with insanely classy accessories, super sexy smokey eyes, and tastefully crafted footwear. Luckily, no one will arrest you for pairing an Adam Selman bodysuit with Zara culottes and a pair of Steve Madden pointy boots either. Whether you’re choosing monochromes or playing with a mix and match of bold colors, just go ahead and satisfy all your style cravings this season. And we’ll help you put it together just right!

The Art of Authentic styling.
The Art of Authentic styling.

Fashion should also be practical and functional so that you truly enjoy whatever you’re wearing. And even if you choose to go against the grain of environmental or temperature requirements, rest assured, there would still be no warrant out for your arrest. Just remember that if you’d rather wear 6-inch heels on a hiking trip, your terribly sore ankles would only have you to thank for their misfortune. (LOL)

A Generous Designer will bring you the juiciest scoops on what’s in, what’s out, and everything else in between; Exciting DIY creations to switch up your style, inspiring stories on your favorite style icons, the blow-by-blow of what’s happening on the biggest runways around the world, style inspirations for creating daily looks and of course, how to develop your own personal style. We will constantly offer the absolute best tips you need to whip up your most glamorous get-ups.  Get ready for modish, sassy and authentic!

Welcome, fashionista!

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