A Generous Designer is a fashion and beauty platform created and run by glam make- up artist, Michael Bluster. Michael is a skilled makeup artist out of San Francisco in California. He’s got over 7 years of experience working in fashion, mostly creating exceptionally ethereal looks on and off the runway, as well as for beauty shoots and fashion editorials. This has afforded him the opportunity of perfecting first-hand, the art of pairing make up looks at diverse outfits and accessories to capture specific themes.

Michael thrives on creating clean, easy face-beats with only a hint of drama centered either around the eyes or lips, and prides himself on his flawless skin work. He loves to write, swim and ski in his free time and also dabbles into beauty photography, creating breath-taking images of his work. He trained with a top make-up artist in California before going solo and has since delved into fashion styling. Michael definitely has a lot to share out of his wealth of experience traveling the country, creating a vast range of enchanting looks and outfits, as well as getting thousands of clients to live true to their style elements.

A Generous Designer hopes to create an exciting and enlightening styling experience for the reader; one that simplifies fashion into simple yet exotic looks that you can create out of your closet, while still complying with what’s on trend. It will bring the world of fashion home to you in all its raw essence and glorious color, and have you looking forward to creating refreshing and amazingly practical looks of your own.

Michael is also willing to answer all your questions and clear your fashion queries, no matter how complex. You can simply reach out to him via our CONTACT US page.

This is A Generous designer. Let’s get into authentic styling.