Weird Facts About Black Holes

Black holes will perhaps remain the most scaringly fascinating bodies of our universe. These deadly bodies are the only things that can trap light. Any matter that crosses the event horizon border also called the point of no return, spirals helplessly toward an unknown dark void. 

Here are a few weird facts about these monstrous cosmological bodies called black holes:

Falling into a Black Hole isn’t Fun.

Even before you fall into a black hole, you will die long before you reach its singularity. But let’s suppose you still managed to live; the gravity would stretch you out like ramen noodles. A study in 2012 suggested that the quantum effects on the event horizon would make it act like a firewall, instantly burning you to the crisp. 

Things Fall into Black Holes 

People think black holes suck matter, dust, and gas into it. Suction means pulling something into a vacuum. A black hole isn’t a vacuum; neither does it suck anything. Instead, every object falls into the black hole just like things fall towards the earth’s center due to its gravity. 

Cygnus X-1 was the First Ever Black Hole

Cygnus X-1 was considered to be the first-ever black hole. It was a friendly bet between Stephen Hawkings and physicist friend Kip Thorne. Stephen Hawking said that the object wasn’t a black hole but later gave up in 1990 as Cygnus X-1 is considered the most massive black hole. 

Stellar Black Holes Formation

It is said that the stellar black holes may have formed soon after the Big Bang. The rapidly expanding universe may have squeezed some areas into tiny, dense objects (black holes) that are less massive than the sun. 

Star’s Worst Nightmare

If any star passes by too close to a black hole, it will be torn apart. 

Black Holes in Milky Way Galaxy

According to astronomers, our Milky Way galaxy has around ten million to one billion stellar black holes having masses almost three times more than the sun. 

Black Holes are the Center of Most Sci-Fi Books and Movies

With movies like Interstellar, black holes have become a great source of information to feed the curious minds. 

Black Holes Slow Down Time

Since black holes alter time and space around them, you will move at such high speeds if you reach the event horizon. This will be due to the strong gravitational pull you will face. The time for you will slow down considerably. 

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