What NOT to wear at the Christmas party

Christmas party

So many choices, so many dresses! The stores are packed with wonderful festive looks! The Holidays are already here, and you have probably found the perfect party outfit for you!

But are you sure you made the right choice?

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You want to look your best, dazzle everyone and have a wonderful time! However, there is always the risk of overdoing it. Just follow the guidelines to make sure you only get positive comments during this party season, and every party season!

  1. Say No to jeans

This is not the time to wear jeans, no matter how much you love them. Whatever else you wear with it it’s going to look casual. So, don’t. Just choose a fabric that doesn’t scream everyday life.

  • No to Uncomfortable shoes

It goes without saying. All Christmas parties last long hours and involve a lot of dancing and standing up. This is not the time and place to be seated. So, wear something fashionable but comfortable; something you can dance in until the morning. Just not your sneakers.

  • No to your everyday uniform

Just take the time to find something original for those days. This is not the time to wear your usual combination, no matter how flattering. Lift your spirit, lift your look!

  • Avoid the literal Christmas look

Meaning, keep clear of green and red. There are enough Christmas trees around. Just make sure you are not out of place either. The bright summer dress and the fluffy black turtle neck are also out of question.

  • No to the uncomfortable

Anything too short, too tight, too bright is not going to help your confidence. You need to focus on having fun, not keeping your skirt in place. You want to be able to move around and enjoy yourself.

Last but not least: Once out the door, stop worrying about what you wear and focus on your smile! It’s time to have fun!

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